irrigation gearbox

Finally, we also control the quality of each component and each step in the manufacturing process. A devoted team of customers, engineers, quality inspectors and machine operators works night and day to ensure each component meets the stringent irrigation gearbox Valley quality requirements. Because our suppliers are situated in america, we can simply perform random inspections of their services to ensure they are meeting our quality standards. All major parts are also machined by Valley, providing another quality level control. Your final inspection is conducted by screening each gearbox before it is shipped. And, to further make certain Valley quality, randomly selected gearboxes are life-tested in our gearbox testing laboratory.

But, even the best gear style and components won’t help if the gearbox isn’t sealed from the elements. That’s why Valley runs on the patented six-barrier input and nine-barrier result seal to keep oil in and problems out. To compensate because of this longer shaft, special tires are used that actually move the center of the tire nearer to the gearbox result bearing than the industry regular, reducing the load on the gearbox.

Valley also uses U.S.-made, case-hardened bearings created from ultra-pure steel rather than through-hardened Chinese bearings used by others. Case-hardening provides excellent wear characteristics while maintaining the internal toughness of the core material. Consequently, Valley bearings possess a 40 percent higher load rating.

The Valley gearbox also offers a 52:1 gear ratio. This means the gearbox uses 4 percent less energy to move the device through the field, but, moreover, the design has a completely recessed tooth action. With a fully recessed style, the gears maintain lubrication oil between your gears longer, reducing friction for increased load capacity and longer life.