China A52 V-Belt – A-Section 54″ A52 Belt (4L540 Belt) Best factory supplier manufacturer With High Quality Cheap sales price cost near me shop Custom size allowed

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Each A52 V-belt comes with 40-degree angles and high-strength polyester-fiber cords. The shape reduces slippage, whereas the internal construction adds to stability and flexibility. The outside length of the 54-inch A-belt is considerable. Run this belt in tandem with others, and you have a system that boosts profit margins every day. ept Roller Chain & Sprocket offers quality products with each small or bulk order.

A52 V-Belt Construction:

  • Cover – High-quality cotton/ polyester blend
  • Compound – Natural rubber/ styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR)
  • Cord – High-strength polyester

Note: We also have Cogged V-Belts

China A52 V-Belt - A-Section 54

China A52 V-Belt - A-Section 54

China A52 V-Belt - A-Section 54